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Milk & Honey
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If you choose to pay for your membership annually, you will still be able to cancel your membership at the end of each full year of your membership by simply cancelling your direct debit. We do not offer any pro-rata refunds.

You must have a direct debit in place to remain a member. If you do not have a current and valid direct debit in place your membership is liable to be terminated.

We operate and enforce a '3 strikes and out' policy for breaches of house and club rules at Milk & Honey, The East Room, The Player and The Clubhouse. All strikes are cleared after 12 months. This system has worked well for us to date to ensure we maintain the unique atmosphere of our bars.

Strike-able offences include:
  Allowing non-members to use your membership card.
  No shows (please just call and let us know if you can't make it like you would/should with a restaurant).
  Rude or agressive behaviour to staff or other members/guests by you or any of your guests. You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests. Leave the idiots at home.

We may also terminate your membership at any time serious for breach of house and club rules or for any other reason. If your membership is cancelled you will not be entitled to a refund for any unexpired period.

    New World Wine Room, Dining Room, Roof Garden & Terrace